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More than 20 years of experience and knowledge with tax solutions and accounting problematics in diverse bussiness branches and also in non-profit sector.

Since 1993


Our field of speciality is taxes, book accounting and economics. We are coorperating with auditors. We solve questions regarding to taxes and accounting with respect to all consequenses for the clientThanks to the cooperation with bureau of rights we can take into account all of the valid legislations.

We support new arising bussiness companies, cooperating on long term with CEOs of big companies as international corporations from various fields and also with non-profit organisations.

We educate accountants with help of our own educational agency.

LeonTax team


Our Experts

Ing. Leona Sládek Řepová

Taxes, Accounting, Economics, lector, expert opinions

  • Tax advisor since 1995 – ev. Nr. 1440
  • Expert witness in economics – accounting records
  • University lector
  • IFRS Specialists

Bc. Tereza Šubrtová

Taxes and accounting

  • Head of the department
  • Asistent of the tax advisor since 2013

Ing. Zuzana Hudcová

Taxes and accounting

  • Asistent of the tax advisor since 2016
  • Finance accounting

Bc. Kateřina Schánělová

Taxes and accounting

  • Asistent of the tax advisor since 2019
  • Finance accounting


Ing. Libor Sládek

Ing. Libor Sládek

Taxes, accounting, software solutions, valuations

  • Tax advisor since 1994 – ev.Nr. 660
  • Lector for the Chamber of Commerce and educational agencies
  • University lector

Ing. Blanka Bryscejnová

Accounting, economics and audit

Ing. Pavlína Koutníková


Musalová, Jansta, attornies

Legal services

Pay your taxes in the right amount


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