Complex Knowledge

We are expert on connecting taxes, accounting, economics and right in business in the Czech Republic.

We set up procesess, explaining deal on a fair level. According to the needs we overtake the communication with the government and financial institutions. We leave a free hand for that what are our clients experts in.

We support business, a company and project of our clients. Our cooperation is based for well known companies, experients businessmen and also with novices in the marker in the so called start-ups.

You can count on our experts in LeonTax.

Support for start-up

We have a profitable offer for beginning businessmen and companies. Companies can receive a discount of 1/3 of the current price for our accounting, tax and law services for the first 4 months since their inception.


Set up processes

Explaning & education


Smart IT

English is OK

Tax consultacy

  • Income tax
  • Value added tax
  • Road tax
  • Property tax
  • Real estate acquisition tax
  • Tax audit
  • Tax optimalization of projects
  • Application of double tax traties

– Checking and preparation of tax return
– Acting on behalf of client in communication with authorities and during tax audits

Our job is not to fill out forms, but to evaluate the best solution for our clients within the limits of the applicable law. You will not pay higher taxes than you have to.


  • Accounting advice
  • Bookkeeping
  • Technical assistance in financial statements
  • Preparation of statements – balance, profit and loss statement, cash flow, notes to the financial statements, statement of equity
  • Cooperation in compiling of consolidated statements
  • Bookkeeping – in house or outsorcing
  • Educating and supervising of accountants
  • International reporting
  • Help with introduction of international reporting system

We offer online access to your accounting in the cloud computing and you can always have a look into the accounting.


We cooperate with auditors whose are written in the Department of auditor of the Czech Republic. We take part on the ongoing audit.

Economical analyses

We help clients with economic cost analyses, preparation of materials for banks,  mergers, decisions on investments and development of the company.

Project advising

Advising during the establishment of the companies (start-ups). During the first 4 months since the company establishment we offer discount 1/3 from the common price.

Representation in front of the authorities

Acting on behalf of client in communication with authorities and during tax audits, CSSA, health insurance companies.

Expert opinions in accounting

Our team includes and expert witness who you can consult if necessery.

Legal services

The connection between the legislatory, tax and accounting point of view is obligatory for us.

We offer services of our related law office during the solution of your law issue and also in the need of contracted documentation or just legal advice.

Educating in the field

For many years we are educating accountants with a help of our educational agency Školastik. Look up to our offer of open course trainings.

Price for our services

We spend our time with each client individually due to his needs.

That is why we cannot have an ordinary list of prices.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to prepare the price offer for you with regard to the complexity of the requested service.


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